Protect your hair this winter. Winterize with NV ❄️🥶☃️

The winter months can be harsh on your tresses. Trying to maintain that perfect balance of moisture in your hair this winter can become a great task if you do not have a solid plan. 

Naturally Vera is here to help! We have come up with some tips and good information to help you stop dryness and breakage in its tracks this winter. The first question that may come to mind about your hair and its relation to winter may be “Why and how can winter affect my hair?” 

In the winter you may experience rapid constant changes from cold temperatures to warm temperature. This can take place from going outdoors in frigid temperatures 🌡 to inside cars or buildings with heated temperatures.  This is the perfect recipe for static. Static happens when the cold, dry air causes the cuticle layer to become lifted and then once your hair comes in contact with a warm dry environment the moisture seeps out of the hair leaving it dry, frizzy, and unruly.

For those of us who live the states with changing climates winter is upon us.  We prepare with beautiful sweaters, coats, hats, and scarves🧣 right? What about our hair? How do we change things up for the weather we are about to experience? 

The answer is quite simple. We have created a winter hair care routine. If you are currently a Naturally Vera Bundleuser you are already 10 steps ahead! Our NV (Naturally Vera) formula is created with all the seasons in mind. We want to make sure that you are successful during these winter months to come. Even if you haven't made the complete NV switch follow along with the products you already have. 

❄️Winter Hair Routine❄️

1️⃣ First things first Pre- Poo! 

A pre-poo is a moisture pick me up for the dryer winter months. Pre-Pooing is also a great conditioning treatment prior to starting your wash day process simply because it provides the hair with natural oils and conditions the hair to improve softness and manageability, thus preventing breakage and making detangling a breeze. Our Honey Hair Maskmake pre-poo a breeze 🌬

2️⃣ Shampoo with moisture in mind! 

It’s time to put away all of the harsh chemicals and harsh cleansing products and bring out all of your moisture boosting products. If you are a Naturally Vera user you can keep your Naturally Vera Conditioning Shampoo right by your side. In the winter months you definitely want a shampoo that is not going to “strip” your hair of any natural oils. A mild cleanser (like Naturally Vera’s Conditioning Shampoo) is great for times like this.  

You will want to reduce the use of clarifying cleansers to a minimum. Consider them once every two months during this time of the year due to their strong formulas to strip the hair and scalp of all natural oils and moisture. Our goal during these winter months is to maintain and add moisture..... never to take away.  

Scalp massages during shampooing are also great blood flow stimulators and will help tremendously with blood circulation and promote growth during these slow growing months. 

3️⃣ Condition Condition Condition!!!! 

Make sure you are not skipping over that conditioner or deep conditioner in your WEEKLY (yes you should still be shampooing your hair weekly) regimen. 

⚠️Choose a deep conditioner that is going to penetrate the hair shaft not a conditioner that is going to sit on top of the hair and fail to provide moisture. Of course our go to deep conditioner is our Naturally Vera Green Tea Deep Conditioner. We love this product because it is thick and moisturizing and it also cares for the scalp as well as the hair. In conjunction with our deep conditioner we LOVE to use our hair steamers/dryers for that extra boost of moisture. 

4️⃣Protect the tresses

Our final step in this winter hair routine is to protect all the moisture that we have added into our hair. We can achieve this by using a leave-in first then sealing it in with a natural oil. In the winter months we like to layer our oils by using a light natural oil combo. If you have our Oil Medley you already know the feeling light oils give. We do not use coconut oil as it will solidify in cold temperatures on the hair giving a stiff look. As always we love our Naturally Vera Aloe Vera Leave-in. We noticed during our last sale you guys do too. 🥰It is our go to simply because aloe vera itself is a great conditioner for the hair and scalp. It has been known to be able to be absorbed into the skin up to 7 layers deep! Here are a few other benefits of Aloe Vera as well. When choosing, make sure aloe vera is the star player in the product. 

Aloe Vera Benefits:

🌱pH balanced

🌱Promotes hair growth

🌱Penetrates hair and scalp easily

🌱Anti-fungal properties alleviates dandruff

🌱Relieves scalp itching, redness and inflammation

🌱Retains water (aka moisture) in hair

Now you are armed and ready to take on the winter months with ease and your hair will thank you!!!