Naturally Vera is a great product line! I have been using Naturally Vera products now for about 1.5 months. I go from my natural hair to protective styles (crochet, extensions, flexi rods, etc.) a lot and this works on both (natural hair & extensions). My hair is always so soft after every wash, even after its dried and I take down a protective style (crochets and extensions). My favorite products out of the bundle are the Conditioning Shampoo and the Green Tea Deep Conditioner. While the other products are good as well these are the ones I use the most and really enjoy. I even use the products on my 6 month old daughter. She has an every 3 day regimen. Wash --> Rinse --> Deep Conditioner (10 min.) --> Rinse --> Dry --> Aloe Vera Leave-In --> Coconut Oil. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat, every 3 days.

Tiffany Biddle

As a stylist the products you use are essential in great consistent results ! These products are the Best! Natural , raw ingredients , excellent results and longevity ! If used properly you can keep it for a long time ! Don't waste money on cheap products and INVEST into a line that will give you results . It's great for all textures and lengths . Look no further THIS is what you need 

Jasmine Daniels

Naturally Vera tamed my curls. My hair was dry and frizzy with any product I've tried in the past. With Naturally Vera I love my curls. They are smooth and defined and if Virginia humidity kicks in, the leave in conditioner keeps my hair in check. Thanks for doing what you do!

Vanessa Dunlap

Grow Healthy Hair with Naturally Vera